Latest Tenders

The Company invites for Construction Works of Road Upgrading Project
The Enterprise invites for Different size of reinforcement bar
The Office invites for water supply and sanitation project.
The Authority invties fThe Authority invites for construction of five Bus terminal projects.
ተቋሙ ለኮንስትራክሽን ዕቃዎች ለኤሌክትሪክ ዕቃዎች ለቧንቧ ሥራ ለእንጨት ሥራ የሚውሉ እቃዎችን መግዛት ይፈልጋል፡፡
ጽ/ቤቱ የመኖሪያ ግቢ እና የአስተዳደር ግቢ ዙሪያ አጥር በግንብ ለማሳጠር ይፈልጋል፡፡
The Enterprise invites for  the SUPPLY OF uPVC, DCI, GS and HDPE PIPES & FITTINGS
The Bureau invites for the construction of Expansion of Penitentiary,Maitenace of Regional High Court Bureau
የሐራጅ ሽያጭ ማስታወቂያ
The University invites for the construction and completion of  Main Campus of Fence Work and Entrance Get Work.
The Office invites for Electro-Mechanical Works and Related Works
The Enterprise invites for supply of  Rig and compressor spare part,Flanged GI pipe and GI pipe, UPVC casing,steel casing.
The Office invites for the construction of the project, Residence buildings, Cafeteria, Watch tower
The Authority invites for the Construction Works.
The Enterprise invites for the supply and Fix of ELEVATOR (LIFT)
ጽ/ቤቱ በግልጽ ጨረታ አወዳድሮ ዶዘር በመከራየት የመሬት ሥራ/earth work/ ለማሰራት ይፈልጋል፡፡
ጽ/ቤቱ Residence buildings, Cafeteria, Watch tower for Airport federal police and security ማሰራት ይፈልጋል፡፡
ጽ/ቤቱ የኮንስትራክሽን ዕቃዎች ብረት መግዛት ይፈልጋል፡፡
The Enterprise invites for the Purchase of Submersible (ሳመርሰብል ፓምፕ) Pump
ጽ/ቤቱ ለህንፃ ግንባታ ፕሮጀክት አገልግሎት የሚውል Expiation Joint ግዥ ስመፈዐም ተጫራቾችን በግልዕ ጨረታ አወዳድሮ መግዛት ይፈልጋል፡፡